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Leonard finds out that he has never met any of penny's friends. so he decides to learn about football to go to one of her parties and know what's going on. surprisingly, sheldon knows football. watch tv shows
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This is perhaps one of the funniest episodes in the series so far. penny falls in the shower and calls for help. the only one available is sheldon who is not known for his ability to connect with people. what follows is very very funny dialog. watch tv shows
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In this episode mckay and his sister jeanie miller are kidnapped on earth, sheppard and ronon must enlist the help of the nid to find them. good episode. watch tv shows
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9. superb and entertaining episode of the show. i thoroughly enjoyed watching the same. the plot was full of high-end drama, action and thrill. great efforts put in! watch tv shows
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When clark enters lois and chloe's apartment and lois come out and asks him to zip up her dress and his reaction was just awesome. and their teasing each other is just funny. watch tv shows
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Stellar interlude! emily is playing a poker with samara and her friends. but all of a sudden, a’ threatens to defile her medical reports if she refuses to make a move with one of samara’s friends.
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I am not agreed with the people, who say that this is not the best show as it all has all the elements that a perfect show requires. this particular episode was very well executed.
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Kyle becomes seriously ill, he has some problems with his kidneys and it turns out, that he may even die. despite of that, cartman, who is the only person, who can help him by donating his own kidney, still doesn't want to help kyle. however, other boys along with doctor take advantage of eric's stupidity. thanks to that kyle is healthy again. in the meantime, mr. garrison takes a hiatus from teaching and writes an erotic novel.
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she meets catherine, another physic to discuss joe's health. catherine confirms his good health but at the same time warns her that he could be in hard situation involving third p
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On his way to a meeting in new york with david wallace but before he leaves michael tells andy that angela and dwight are seeing each other beside his back so they decided to fight in the parking lot during lunch
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Mulder and scully are contacted because the agent believes the mutilation of corpses is somehow connected to cattle mutilation. however, mulder dismisses it as a man with a fetish. watch tv shows
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