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Awe eric is just too sweet now, he saw a dream that he drained sookie so he went over there to actually do it but he couldn't once sookie woke up and comfort him. watch tv shows
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Now that robin and barney have broken up, barney decides he needs to start using his playbook a whole lot more. the group starts trying to pick out plays for him to run. watch tv shows
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So the good ole doctor has a few more secrets up his sleeve, as does the sister. and to think this stuff really went on back in the day is a true american horror story in itself.
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This was the best episode of american horror story i ever seen. not. they always have to kill someone, and this time steve, are you serious. he was awesome.
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So priya isn't very god to leonard in their relationship ! she makes him wear contact lenses and tells him to stay away from penny, in the end leonard goes after penny anyway
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Joey gets a role to play al pacino's butt doubles, but gets fired for acting to much. chandler is dating a exotic woman, but she already have a husband and boyfriend. at first chandler thinks it works out. that's when he find out that this is not what he really wants
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Bree, she beat the boxer, come on, what is wrong with you guys. cant you guys actually taste, the way bree cut the fish was so wrong. it was like she was going to slaughter the dish and she got lucky with getting thru the egg round, i doubt she got more egg then lynn.. watch tv shows
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A very funny planet with very funny rules fry consumes the emperor and the planet sees him as the new emperor. if you that fry was smart this episode will make you rethink it watch tv shows
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After emily falls down and cuts her head open toby takes her to the hospital. the girls discover blood and emily is not responding to her phone and they begin to panic. watch tv shows
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Excellent stuff. good story. like episodes with a twist. megan and her team investigate a supposed murder/suicide but in fact is a covered up accident and grief murder
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Ned decides to admit to treason in order to save his daughters. he kneels before joffrey and after admitting, is sentenced to death by beheading. arya is rescued by yoren, but sansa is still a captive. to the south, the starks army is about to attack the lanisters. there is amazing chemistry from the actors. well directed and paced.
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