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I am really starting to like the master's character. he is just so insane with a bit of genius thrown in. i enjoy the dynamic he brings to the show. i definitely him as a good nemises for the doctor.
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Not a bad episode with miley cyrus as guest star. walden gets a visit from an old friend's daughter, missi, he mistakes her interest in him as advances to him when really she wants to set him up with her mother. jake arrives home unexpectantly and there's an instant attraction to missi
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Truly brilliant episode! having no flaws at all, the episode makes you laugh all through. i really want to have such a happening bunch of friends. sheldon’s tee is highly appealing. i hate when he fights with leonard.
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A "grim reaper" of sorts decides to have some fun by letting a human play with his deathnote, a notebook that has the power to kill anyone by just writing their name within its pages (although, there are a few rules to abide by). it gets even better when the deathnote is picked up by the police chief's teenage son, and he goes on a killing spree, but he only kills criminals, while the super weird/brilliant detective "l" tries to figure out why, and how this is all happening. a great cat-and-mouse crime story, with plenty of shocking twists.
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Castiel is learning all about the intricacies of the human existence. ezekial tells the winchesters that a faction of angels are hunting castiel. dean tells castiel to leave and sends him out on his own.
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Ronon is captured by a wraith and is tortured and drugged until he converts. sheppard and the rest of the team eventually rescue him and bring him back to atlantis for the detox. watch tv shows
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For the season finale it was not bad. sheldon gets invited to the north pole and asks his friends to participate with him. after alot of back and forth, they decide to spend three months with sheldon. wow...penny and leonard show a little feeling about each other. looking forward to where it goes...
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Exciting! that was pretty exciting episode of the season. apart from the story, i loved the scenes featuring blake’s personal life. it was a perfect episode of the show. watch tv shows
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Sam is having flashbacks of his past life. according to me, it is a great and entertaining episode, which glued me with the screen till the end of the episode.
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This is the episode, which has made me the greatest fan of the show. nothing can be better than this. awesome story with great characterization makes the interlude a fantastic watch.
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Charlie finally had sex with mia for the first time, but first he had to tell his ex-girlfriend that he is in a relationship now and they can't see each other anymore. since alan took good care of her (mainly in bed :d) she wasn't sad and it was a "win-win situation" as charlie would say. watch tv shows
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Scandal, 12 Years a Slave, NCIS: LA Win NAACP Image Awards

12 Years a Slave was the big winner in the motion picture category at Saturday's NAACP Image Awards, while Scandal, Person of Interest and NCIS: LA all took home television prizes. 12 Years a Slave, considered one of the frontrunners to win Best Picture at next week's Oscars, won four awards, including Outstanding Motion Picture, Best Director for Steve McQueen and Best Supporting Actress for Academy Award nominee Lupita Nyong'o. The Best Actor and Actress prizes for motion pictures went to Forest Whitaker (The Butler) and Angela Bassett (Black Nativity). On the TV side, Scandal won Outstanding Drama Series and star Kerry Washington won Best Actress in a Drama. NCIS: LA's LL Cool J won Best read more »
news on Scandal, 12 Years a Slave, NCIS: LA Win NAACP Image Awards

Amish Mafia Star John Schmucker Jailed for Driving with Suspended License

Amish Mafia star John Schmucker was sentenced to three months in prison Friday after his 10th offense of driving with a suspended license, according to Lancaster Online. Schmucker, 29, was also ordered to pay a $1,000 fine. Schmucker's sentence is set to begin on March 31, but he plans to appeal the ruling read more »

Heroes Is Back! NBC Orders Event Series for 2015

NBC is resurrecting Heroes as an event miniseries, the network announced Saturday. Similar to Fox's 24 reboot, Live Another Day, the planned miniseries Heroes Reborn will consist of a 13-episode stand-alone story arc. The episodes will air in 2015, and NBC will launch a digital series ahead of the premiere read more »

Olympics: What to Watch on Day 16

The final day of the Winter Olympics on Sunday features the men's hockey gold medal game and Steve Holcomb vying to make bobsled history. Here's what you should watch (all times ET) before the closing ceremony. The 411 on the 12 new Winter Olympic events All events are live-streamed read more »

Report: Space Jam Sequel Starring LeBron James in the Works

Warner Bros. is reportedly making a Space Jam sequel starring LeBron James, according to Deadline. According to the report, Charlie and Willie Ebersol will develop the sequel, with Willie penning the script. The son of broadcasting veteran Dick Ebersol, Charlie most recently produced The Moment and NFL Characters read more »
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