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Amy meets penny's ex, zack. she get's attracted to him and doesn't understand what that is. meanwhile, raj and howard try to decide who is the sidekick. watch tv shows
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Going to bed and waking up with a dead woman is not a good way to start a day. a bartender swears he does not know the dead petty officer in his bed and it is not the same woman he came home with. abby helps solve this with her great scientific skills. watch tv shows
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Lily needs a place to stay and wants to stay with barney but he won't allow it until she offers to scare off his one night stands. marshall starts a bromance with one of his law school buddies. watch tv shows
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Melanie goes into labour but sam can't remember the name of the hospital so he drives aimlessly around the city checking out all of the hospitals finally finding the right one and getting there in time for the birth watch tv shows
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I love the scene, when ted and marshall conversation changes in to a sword fight. the end of the fight is also good, when marshall stab the sword in lily. barney's lemon law is not that much convincing. i think barney is the rebel among all the characters. although the episode is ok, but it is not like other episode of the show. watch tv shows
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I love this episode. jessica's boyfriend is just so sweet i really like them together. in the meanwhile sookie is in trouble again and apparently bill's ex girlfriend is back. watch tv shows
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I think janelle should start taking her medication again, grow up and stop being so inconsiderate and selfish. the "me" queen. and she's met this nice guy who i'm sure she's going to be a complete bitch to.
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Wow, this episode was one of the best ever. i genuinely thought mentalist was done surprising me, but no ! we go on with the cop conspiracy, discover a few things... watch tv shows
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John doe wakes up from his coma and takes off into the woods. a few people go on the search for him. they find him unconscious near a bridge. regina shows up with a woman who claims to be his wife.
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Derwin and blue get into a fight. keira tries to help blue after his fight with derwin. jason and malik try to clam derwin down and talk to him to find out what is problem is. watch tv shows
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This was a good episode. phoebe is somehow transported to her past while her evil self is brought to the future. she has to find her way back before she dies because of a curse.
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