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What a fantastic episode. i love the idea of traveling to the end of the world. this episode is very funny and christopher eccleston really pulls it off.
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Christmas comes to haven in july and only audrey knows that something is amiss. slowly the residents of haven begin to disapppear and the remaining get stuck inside a glass dome, like being in a life-like snowglobe
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Simply amazing!! i don’t know why people finding this episode dull. it is based on life saga of michael jackson. it was just an outstanding night for the members of glee.
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This episode was insane! i can not wait to see what happens with dexter in regards to leguerta and hannah! the next episode is going to be a great one!
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Will over hears hilary telling her friend that they aren't going to the library they are going shopping. will does some more investigating and finds out that hilary has dropped out of college and has been for the last three months. watch tv shows
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Evelyn tries to make up for lost time with her long lost granddaughter. she even names her her heir in her will. evelyn's boyfriend gets jealous that her granddaughter is getting so much attention.
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I really did not want this season to end, but since it had to, this was the best way to do it. i have no doubt that season three is heading our way soon, so i am glad they ended this season so well. watch tv shows
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Robbie calls kevin and tells him to come to the hospital immediately. kevin thinks it has something to do with eric but it really has to do with lucy.
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Abi is found studying at dots house. i'd want to get away if i lived in that family too. avas car breaks down when she is heading to an interview. will anyone come to her rescue? watch tv shows
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Another great episode of the season five! at start, the show seems boring but after ten minutes, it became wonderful. in practically, it was a fine directed episode. watch tv shows
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Not only has he been burned but some one with the fbi is trying to kill him. micheal is able to catch jan, who is part of the burn plot, and he turns him over to the fbi to take them off his trail. later he learns he was murdered, by the people who burned him. i love the narration during the show. it really adds a lot of flavor.
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