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A decent episode, definitely not the best. it's nice to see kurt standing up for himself and running for class president. it's also interesting to see the turn in drama for rachel and her mom.
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The episode is near perfection specifically the ending. i dint find anything predictable. the string of twists and turns were nice to watch after a long time.
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Martin tries to fix frasier up with duke's daughter, marie. frasier soon begins to wonder if the only reason marie is dating him is to obtain free psychiatric advice. 9.8/10
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S5 - e6 2buyout", whoa, mr. white is definitely gotten possessed. he's got a chance to "get out" and save his marriage and family. but noo he won't listen to the people he should, instead he's cooking up more crazy plans !
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Not bad for a season finale. typical karen, dumping her husband minutes after the wedding ceremony, jack going on tour with jennifer lopez, leo admitting that he's a cheater and a favorite actor of mine, tim curry plays lyle's brother.
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Justice prevails once more! but at what price.. keeping your soul clean while killing or simply taking bad guys does stane a little.but as predicted in earlier episodes.. allies are made, once the outlined definition of what is right and what is wrong and therefor the choice between doing and leaving it to others, has been clearly layed down.. the struggle can continue.. cliffhanger again.. 1st mistake made??? watch tv shows
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An explosion happened in a train station, and the fringe division were not able to find any trace of an explosion device. so, dr. walter bishop is examining the body remains, and he discovers an energy source into their bodies. peter and olivia are going to iraq. interesting episode. watch tv shows
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Kim is not in the mood to have a baby shower but courtney and khole has already started planning the shower. khole is a little self conscious about her camel-toe. so kourtney bought her something to cover it up. watch tv shows
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Robert sissel is a priest who put away for raping a fourteen years old boy. he is totally hated by inmates and officers alike. he is released to the community after ten years but comes back to prison because he has no where else to go. beecher is drinking and missing keller. wow what an unusual show. watch tv shows
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The case of a college student, who dies after a car accident, forces sam and dean to discover the reality. i love the scene, when both the brothers find themselves surrounded by some dead plants.
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Lot more action-packed drama as compared to previous episode of pll. well character and plot developments. overall an enjoyable show! a thumps up for the efforts put in!!
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