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Rewatch: aang comes back from the spirit world to discover that the moon spirit is in danger. he tries to save it, but fails, and it seems like all is lost. watch tv shows
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Daphne returns from the spa with an explanation for her recent weight gain. roz writes a children's book based on a story her mother used to tell her, but later discovers it is already a book and a movie. 8.5/10
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Izzy and cristina are both behaving odd. cristina has no right to put everything on risk if she is in relationship with burke. she can’t be that irrational. i love the solution to this richard has found. he handles the situation without losing his cool.
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Will was showing nikki a trick. he got carlton with the trick but didn't get geoferry. there was a knock at the door and it was a boy and he asked to see geoferry and when he saw him he said he must be his father. and geoferry fell to the floor. watch tv shows
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So then it's up to sheldon to make her feel better. he talks with her about their relationship. she feels that the other are teasing her because it's not a sexual relationship watch tv shows
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The girls send ian a mesage that they want $10000 for the videoss. he is to meet at night in the woods for the exchange. garret sticks his nose into the business and shows up at the woods just before the drop is supposed to take place.
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Fun episode. we meet castle's ex and she is a hoot. next we find a victim who was possibly killed by a serial killer. he left voodoo signature on the body, so castle really runs with the idea. good solid episode.
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Researchers in canada believe they may have proof to the existence of aliens. mulder is skeptical about it, until government agents start swooping in to cover it up. watch tv shows
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Amazing way to start the season! i love the part where, mcgee and kate went to investigate the house, from where the girl and mom were kidnapped. excellent!!
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Another great episode. even though chloe and lana get kidnapped, but i really like how they knew right away something was up. love that lois and clark team up to save them too. watch tv shows
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13. this is another great episode in a row from the fascinating series. booth is in danger after clown head is been shot down. i love his character and acting thoroughly.
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