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Neal gets closer and closer to the music box and takes the chance to get it. he needs the help of fowler to get the anklet off. will he choose to go after the box, or stay with peter? watch tv shows
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Calleigh gets to bust things up when she investigates a hot friction party when a woman is missing and later found dead. the rest of the team gets to play with counterfeit money when a murdered bell boy is found with the loot. watch tv shows
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After months of separation patrick and mimi amicably agree to a quickie divorce, but they get a nasty shock when it's told they were never actually married as the priest they used was a fraud... hilarious and touching 4/5
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Dr cahill has cameras installed in the hospital so she can keep an eye on everyone and their spending. christina has a patient that can't get blood because of religio us reasons and her intern has a hard time accepting this. dr cahill saves a man who's had an accident with a chainsaw. derek and april come up with budget cuts to save the er, but dr cahill informs them that the hospital is up for sale
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Nicely written & very well executed. ryan is scared about marissa that she may not hurt herself again. at last, he finds and convinces her to come back home. the arrival of sofia watch tv shows
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This is a very clever television show.christain slater proves once again that he is a fantastic actor and the rest of the cast isnt bad either.wish it lasted longer. watch tv shows
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Jon snow and tyrion lannister depart winterfell to the wall, and along the way jon discovers his ideas of the night's watch may not match the reality will he be able to fit the night watch make u kinda wonder what is there destiny eddard stark and his daughters depart for king's landing, but an incident on the kingsroad threatens to drive a wedge between him and king robert awesome episode a must watch watch tv shows
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Exciting! seriously, i am a very big fan of the show and this episode is among my favorite episode of the show. there are several scenes in the installment, which kept me emotionally connected with the story.
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This is a different show from other new york city based ones. it doesn't show you the glamorous side of the iconic city - it shows you all that young brooklyn women deal with, mostly sex. this show can get pretty dark, and honestly, disgusting even, but it's great and i highly recommend it. watch tv shows
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Another awesome episode. when they buy that diner and separate the diner in half and start fighting over the costumers is hilarious and the guy at the end when he smashes the pie in that guy's face is awesome. watch tv shows
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I must say.. that there ain't nothing much to say.. characters are being brought into play.. the story line has been confirmed. bad guys are dropping one by one as it should be, from top to friends or allies are being found, sympathy, and mystery are being nourished. and old grudges, the past, expectations are being raised.. and put down.. cliffhanger with a question mark, who is the one who apparently, at first encounter, has aimed at oliver? with bow and arrow!not for those like me, who know how the story goes, here comes a if you don't wanna know, stop reading, but if you have any logic.. shifu has arrived aka the master.. maybe it's robin hood;-)..? lol watch tv shows
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