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This episode was super good and interesting. i liked seeing the vampires. sam and dean find the vampires after looking into cattle mutilations and sam gets taken by them.
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This was a great episode. time travel and a murder investigation. this one has you thinking twice the whole episode. the real question is was he really from the future? watch tv shows
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George got caught by his mother playing with himself and this starts the infamous bet the longer it last the more frustrated they get.and john f kennedy ends up with the virgin very funny watch tv shows
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Not really convinced that shane has told the whole story about what really happen to otis back at the school he takes the weapons from the rv which shane didn't particularly like and we finally find out what happens to sophia and its devastating blow to the group more so to carol watch tv shows
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There is return of brennan and larry in the show. their presence is making lots of action and drama, which made the show worth watching. they way of pressurising michael was great.
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A strange string of murders where the heart is being removed are happening and mulders next door neighbor is writing novels about them, way before they even happen. scully becomes curious about him.
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Emily seeks counceling from the therapist who put her away as a child. victoria ends up going to him as well. during a mother daughter lunch, emily manages to have a video shown of the sessions, and all of the evil things that victoria said. even though the video also shows her, she is not embarrassed in the least. talk about pay back... watch tv shows
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Dexter is still trying to prove debra that what he does is right, but deb is mentioning rita and telling dexter to say truth about trinity killer. that conversation was really interesting!! watch tv shows
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From the start of the show, i was curious to know about rossi’s ex-wife. although episode did not dig dipper in his personal, but still the scenes that were shown, are catchy. watch tv shows
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This was a great start to the new doctor who. i'm not sure what kind of trouble him and rose will get into, but i can't wait to see what happens next time.
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I was surprised that all of them didn't want to stay in seattle grace. i was waiting a long time for mark to admit that he loves lexie, and it finally happened. mark and lexie would be the best couple ever.
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