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This episode was lots of fun. i like the character of the earth king. he's fun-loving and genuinely wants to help others. he just doesn't see what is around him. watch tv shows
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Frankie wants her children to bond and to bring the family closer together so she comes up with the idea of family time. the tv is off, they sit at the table for dinner and they play football watch tv shows
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I was known that schmidt is confused between the two girls, and now he is trying to sort out the troubles. well, it was fresh episode with interesting storyline.
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Wow. that one is hilarious. i was hoping that robin will tell ted that how much she loves him, but she doesn't do that. i hope next time she will say! her sister's appearance has confused me. why she has come? watch tv shows
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Somebody was making a video of the girls in spence'rs bedroom from her closet. they send the video to them the morning after and the girls are understandably freaked out. watch tv shows
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What is ted like bless him, he puts himself through it as usual. super heroes at babylon but is it enough. you heart will go out to hunter and debbie kicks some much needed ass. watch tv shows
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In this episode michael let it slip that jim as a huge crush on pam and jim does all he can so that no on will find out so he takes michael out to his favorite place for lunch... hooters.
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There were several ups and downs in the episode, but at the end, i was smiling as it was an episode with perfect end. here, michael works to prevent the secret of government.
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The agents are investigating a murder of a reclusive computer genius who apparently had evidence of artificial intelligence. this case leads the agents to become a target for an unsuspecting killer. watch tv shows
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Penny sure drinks a lot. when amy gets a text from stuart the comic store owner, to go on a date, the girls push her in the yes direction. sheldon acts like he does not care, but in the end his true feelings show..go sheldon. watch tv shows
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This is perfect 10 episode! the mystery related to reid is also very entertaining. both storyline and characterization is up to the mark. i really liked the episode.
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