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This was a very interesting episode of glee. there were some definite funny moments, but, some odd ones too. i loved how tina got to hold the spotlight and be a diva for once. good job.
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i thought the writers did a good job when they made raj unable to talk to girls. we find out in this show, he can speak, but only with alcohol in his system. it is very funny to see him speak to penny the first time... watch tv shows
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Supremely thrilling episode of the show. the story is both smooth and awesome. this episode makes a great impression in the minds of viewers successfully. it deserves full 10/10.
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Frasier finds a book daphne's been reading is a joke, until he meets the author dr. honey snow. he is starts dating her and pretends to like her book. honey then asks him to write a the forward for her next book, which he is unable. 9.8/10
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Burn notice season 6 episode 13 so what a goose chase in this episode and talk about c.i.a. crews storming the place with contacts and all. and michael still on the run, that's something very interesting, i wonder how he will keep fighting a battle that looks and feels lost? watch tv shows
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Thank god, i witnessed a good episode after a long time. the way cristina aims to prove marlow wrong all the time is really funny. i can smell there could be something wrong between derek and meredith. hope so my intuition is wrong. watch tv shows
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Granny came downstairs and flicked the lights and said i guess it was your nose that she should of been shoving into to pan. will said keeping his nose out of the pan would of been more of a punishment.
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After transferring holly david wallace tries to make it up to michael by sending him, andy and oscar on a paid business trip to canada where michael falls for concierge but the feeling isn't mutual. andy plays wingman to oscar at a bar watch tv shows
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The man from the other episode has kidnapped scully and is taking her to the aliens to take in place of himself. mulder races to find her after overhearing of her attack on the phone. watch tv shows
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They really steal the show, now that was a performance that i was looking for from them. nothing less is expected from ash's team whenever they go serious with fighting stuff.
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Obvious but pretty nice episode. slow at pace, the makers could have done well with plot or storylines. the ending saved the episode from being tagged as ‘flop’.
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