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This episode was so intense. i loved it. i was constantly on the edge of my seat, hoping that neal could pull this off. i hope he is able to get the jump on hagen. and the ending was something i didn't expect.
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Derek decides to cut down on his surgeries and spend more time with the children so that meredith may focus on her career. arizona starts dating the intern, leah
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King george appears to be a forgiving man. he meets robb new wife, insults her then decides to mend fences. cats uncle gets married to one of the kings daughters and all seems well. until after the ceremony when the kings men kill all of the starks. arya was so close to seeing her family, but she arrives after the slaughter and realizes that they starks are all dead. the dog ends up knocking her out so he can get her away before they kill her too.
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This was a great episode. didn't think that elena would end her friendship with damon, but hopefully he will be able to change her mind. it's kind of funny, when i first started watching this show, i wished that someone would kill him, but now i actually like him, and think he's trying to change. watch tv shows
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Woah one the best of the angels episodes, i would have never thought that the angels are capable of making a form of feeding farm, hahh seeing amy and her roy sent back in time and die, i was actualy getting to like them. i thought the doctor and amy would end up together. another twist when even the statue of liberty was an angel. haha :d watch tv shows
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An important patient is admitted to seattle grace. the doctors are all rather nervous and willing to impress him, particularly christina, since there are awards given in his name. watch tv shows
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Pelant is finally out in the open and baiting brennan. sweets believes him to be trying to connect with her on a personal level. pelant points the way to a previously unknown serial killer. watch tv shows
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Michael gets really upset when david wallace brings in a new boss to be the middle man between he and michael. michael gets even more upset when the new boss disband the party committee and cancels his 15 year anniversary
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Cuddy removes the carpet with the blood stains leftover form house's shooting. house however insists that he wants the old carpet back. he basically throws a tantrum and eventually gets his way of getting the old stained carpet put back into his office.
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It was a wow interlude of the show. i loved ayn’s decision to stand against the corrupt detective. there were some parts, which were not up to the mark, but still an okay episode. watch tv shows
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Frank's dad neville turns up at sheila's to see his new grandchildren, the latest additions to the gallagher clan and we see what sort of role model frank had as a dad and reasons why he has certain values and differences, a interesting and different episode. watch tv shows
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