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I loved this episode. who doesn't love a con artist and a double decker bus? the alien planet was great and i especially loved unit helping out on this episode. watch tv shows
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Raj convinces amy to come to dinner with him and lucy. he wants lucy to be his girlfriend. he invites her to meet his friends and she agrees. she calls at the last minute and breaks his heart by telling him it is too much for her. poor raj
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Niles talks to frasier about one of his patients who is a compulsive womanizer. few moments later they discover roz dating the man. frasier feels the urge to tell her about the man, but cannot because what niles told was confidential. with frasier's behavior roz believes he is in love with her. 9/10
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It was a great experience to see promotion of castle’s new book .in a talk show, castle and beckett are promoting the book. i like the scene, where the host delivers a message to castle and the next day, everything changes.
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Perfect! this is the reason why i love this show a lot. everybody delivers their best even johnny galecki who is less annoying this time. howard and kaley fetches good points for their acting knack.
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Amy invites leonard at a wedding she was invited ah her date. they had a lot of fun so amy thinks that leonard has fallen for her. in the meanwhile, howard ask bernadette to live with him and his mother but bernadette doesn't seem to like the idea.
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I thought it was a nice episode because while we sometimes ask ourselves why sheldon is friends with leonard, here was have his definitive answer. his friendship with sheldon truly is valuable to him
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Will is dating this young lady named lisa. lisa wants will to meet her father before they go to palm springs and take things to the next level. will agrees to meet him. watch tv shows
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House is asked by his ex stacy to treat her new husband mark. wilson cautions house that he still has feelings for her and maybe should not take the case. watch tv shows
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A gun attack turn into murder in bagdad. two team mates are sent to investigate the case. i must say that the writers are delivering interesting continuously. watch tv shows
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I love when lucy keeps pulling on the emergency train brakes, and when she describes the difference between a detective and a crook is funny. just an overall awesome episode.
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