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The group thinks that barney is seeing someone. so they decide to follow him to see what he is up to. they follow him to his house and see that he's hired actors to play his family to help impress his mom.
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I am stunned after watching this episode. i was literally waiting for such an episode. it could not have ended better than this. the growing chemistry between sloan and lexie is making the show more exciting.
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Oliver meets some one from the past. this episode has a lot of flash backs tells you about what happened at the island. this episode was really interesting. watch tv shows
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Trey told melanie that he got her and that he will take care of everything. she doesn't have to worry. melanie kisses trey and the end up sleeping together. melanie admits to tasha and kelly that she slept with trey cause she wanted to feel wanted and to forget about the last few days. watch tv shows
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Beckett is upset over the cia agent's method to turn the russian girl against her family. she places an anonymous tip to the media so that they cannot use her anymore and endanger her life. this in turn gets her fired from the fbi.
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This episode is all about change. kevin moves into the garage and plans on purposing to lucy. meanwhile, ruthie starts dating and mary has an older boyfriend. watch tv shows
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Episode two was for sure a success, but i think the actors could have done a little bit better job on this one. well put together, just a little weak on the main two guys there. hopefully better next time.
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It is amazing to watch the queen in action. she is more like a man than a woman. she tells ned that if he tries to dethrone her, she will take his life. i love the line, there is no maybe in the fight for the throne. she is so so wicked you can't help but like her. the king is hurt, and ned ends up arrested and charged with treason.
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The banter in this show great i love the back and forward between everyone it's quick and sarcastic. brad be killing me he is an wayans though so it's in his blood watch tv shows
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Well, it was a fantastic episode of the show. this is one episode which can be considered as a perfect 10 interlude. first time, annie is getting attention and she is impressive here. watch tv shows
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I enjoyed the episode which bring the ex and current partners to work with each other in good spirits. but it lacks and drops the spark at many points in between. watch tv shows
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