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This episode was just a tad bit creepy and a little crazy. it's just interesting that people can get so obsessed with others so quickly. i wonder where this leaves lana and clark. watch tv shows
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Jorge garcia guest stars. a conspiracy theorist is brought in to consult on the murder of a wealthy couple. the search leads them to the lost medici rings. watch tv shows
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I think the romance in the show is getting better with every passing episode. all the characters were amusing and i was enjoying every moment of the installment.
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Clark gets his super breath in this episode. love the part where he sneezes and the barn door flies off and almost hits lois. and through the whole episode she investigates how it happened.
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Far better episode than the previous one! there was lots of drama that was enjoyed by me throughout the episode. rebekah was catchy in the scene, where she suddenly with any warning. watch tv shows
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I am looking forward to lost romance and complicated surgeries. hope i soon witness something i have never seen before. the episode has to struggle hard to come out of the trance it is stuck in right now. watch tv shows
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Matthew Jam
Comical. one of the funniest i've seen yet. the title fits the story. stewie and brian were very funny in this episode, they couldn't get much funnier than they are now.
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Nick Lang
After helping batman, aquaman, flash, and green arrow take down mr. freeze, killer frost, captain cold, and icicle jr., robin, aqualad, kid flash, and speedy are brought to the hall of justice. speedy is disappointed that they can't become members of the justice league and walks out after admitting to the other three sidekicks that the justice league's real base is orbiting the planet. while the justice league are called away by zatara to help in preventing wotan from blotting out the sun, dick grayson, kaldur'ahm and wally west break into cadmus (which was on fire at the time) and find that it is being run by mark desmond and the genomorphs in the building's sub-levels. the genomorphs have taken control of guardian's mind. the sidekicks find a clone of superman known as superboy.
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It's been a while since i looked at this series so i had to start at season 3 and everything started coming back . life as a star athlete can sure be hard if you don't check yourself and make the right choices...from family, wife, girlfriend and etc. watch tv shows
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Debra gets a little closer to the ice truck killer, and dexter does his thing. he tries to help a young boy who was just like him as a teen. very sad how the whole thing ends though. it would have been nice to see dex as a mentor.
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After a break from cooking walt and jesse are back at it even though they are still angry at each other walters medical bills are starting to come and he needs money so jesse looks for a distributer. watch tv shows
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