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Can i just say that having colin morgan guest in this episode was awesome. i loved seeing him. this episode plot was just creepy and played very well off of your inner fear. watch tv shows
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Dean and sam are arrested by an agent of the fbi named hendrickson. they placed in a holding cell in a small town. later the jail is attacked by demons. watch tv shows
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I really enjoyed this episode. when sheldon's barber gets sick, he goes to the hospital to visit him. he even brings scissors for him, and the gentleman is in a coma! he even used to believe his mom sent his hair cut records to his barber. so funny
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The story was excellent, acting was appealing and the implementation of the story is incredible. overall, it is a very fine episode, which is pleasant till the end. watch tv shows
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Okay... the show is nice undoubtedly but at some point it drops out the action. the writers have to buck up and give little meat to the dialogues of characters. watch tv shows
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A deamon from the underworld trys to take the sisters super powers to better himself then so he can take over the deamon world, i like the way how the sisters get hold and kill him off watch tv shows
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Another hilarious episode. amy seems to like zac, penny'a ex boyfriend but she doesn't seem to understand it so she try to explain it medically. howard dare raj to put his hand into s box with s spider, raj does because he saw the spider already at howard's arm. sheldon try to understand if he is jealous or not about amy's crush.
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I pity ted, seriously barney is mean at times. every one has somebody expect ted. damn.. i know he will get married in the future, but damn the suspense is killing me.
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This has got to be one of the coolest science shows i've ever watched! adam and jamie are great at what they do and make it simple enough for anyone to understand. a must watch for anybody! hope they keep going for a while. keep it up! watch tv shows
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After jen announces to the team that she is on her period, the boys start to get the same symptoms as her pms. which causes much friction in the whole of the computer world. watch tv shows
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In virginia, some of the women are found dead. surprising thing is that the way of murdering was same. well, this is not the best episode of the show, but still it is better than the previous one.
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