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I feel bad for clark. you can just see how much hope he has when he finds out that jor el came with the kandorians. and how he can learn so much from his father. but, when jor el dies, he is just so sad. and of course zod finds clark. watch tv shows
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The second episode starts with annie, who is telling about her relationship with boyfriend jason. silver is notable in this episode. i found the episode interesting. watch tv shows
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It was awesome experience to see dean in future. when he refuses sam’s help, i knew that things will go against him. the way he is dealing with the problem was awesome.
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Christina and meredith's relationship has grown over the course of their employment. christina would never be in the same room as someone giving birth. its nice to see this watch tv shows
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'home wreckers' is an average episode of season five. this is not the worst but also not the best. here ted is attending his mother's wedding. why his mother's wedding. i do not understand the theme. but i enjoyed it in bits.
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Snow and regina come upon the massacred village and snow declares that there really is no good in regina after all. regina reveals herself to be snow's companion and must flee before snow harms her. watch tv shows
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After jess and nick interfere with schmidt;s love life and leave him all alone he vows to break them up. they immediately become worried that he will succeed. watch tv shows
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One of those "will they-won't they" cop procedurals. a good one, though. at least the main characters have chemistry and are pretty funny, and the supporting cast is hilarious. overall it's a really gory, yet really funny show, with characters that grow on you watch tv shows
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Such a hilarious show! i love abed he is so funny. i really enjoy how they spoof other shows and movies. it is very entertaining and well written. i will be sad to see chevy chase leave.
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When monica is a victim of identity theft sche tracks down the woman who stole from her. finding out she really like the life that this woman is living and they become friends. ross have to say goodbye to marcel. watch tv shows
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Got to love haunted house episodes. when a rumor that a house is haunted by a man that killed his six daughters, sam and dean find paranormal investigators trying to prove the house is haunted. it is funny to see them use a web site to catch a ghost. web hunting watch tv shows
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