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This episode was very good. i liked the trap to get merlin. morgana knows that he is the one saving arthur all the time. arthur just doesn't see it. it was sad when the little druid boy died though.
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Was wondering why the writers on most shows including this once, can't get grammatical terms correct, i.e., at least three times vance and others referred to the "safety deposit box" as that...the correct term is "safe deposit box".don't feel bad, on castle season 4 episode 7 the same incorrect term was used and now the most recent review states the obvious, incorrect term....
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This was a good episode! it has been a while since we have seen dexter kill anyone and it was good to see again! especially because of who he killed and why! watch tv shows
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At the international space station, howard gets a call from his mother, she's really mad that he's planning to move out and live with bernadette when he comes back
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Mulder and scullys supervisor is accused of murder when he has a one night stand and the woman is found dead the next morning. they attempt to clear his name and discover dangerous things in the process.
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I have been watching the simpsons since the tracy ullman show. this is a family favorite. i am happy how after 23 seasons they still have stories to write about their adventures. keep 'em coming!
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That was great!! the show is running exactly on track and the episode was absolutely amazing. phil is the treat to watch in this episode. fantastic interlude, i must say. watch tv shows
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When sheldon finds out one of his favorite shows is cancelled, he gets upset because it leaves him hanging. since he can not cope with unfinished things, amy tries to help cure him. she stop pop goes the weasel before it ends, songs before they end, so sheldon can get used to it...backfired! when she left the apartment, he finishes everything any way...not a great episode, but sheldon cute. watch tv shows
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This was a hilarious episode. when chloe shows up at lois's job as lois and clark comes out and asks her about the dress code was funny. and the talk at the end when lois confronts clark about framing the rules of reporting was great. watch tv shows
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Wow! that was an amazing way to finish the season. while bran and rickon have the same dream, the news about ned’s fate spreads all over the kingdom. watch tv shows
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Very entertaining and fine characterized episode of the show! i liked all the episodes, but betrayal is best among them. detective lance looks catchy and the scenarios are impressive. watch tv shows
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