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This episode was pretty good. i liked how the tooth fairy left lily $100. very funny on how mitch and cam handle the situation. also, gloria and jay were pretty good. watch tv shows
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Although, there wasn't much humor in this episode i think it was a good one. leonard finally found his nerve to tell penny that he loves her. unfortunately for him, she never said it back. after leonard referred to that situation in a few conversations it pissed penny off. i think this is the end of their relationship. watch tv shows
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Will was downstairs trying to get a taste of pie. but then uncle phil shows up too trying to do the same thing. uncle phil said he has been eating the pie and blaming it on the dog for years.
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Michael is still dating pam's mom so to celebrate pam's mom birthday michael invites jim and pam to a restaurant but pam goes reluctantly but when she see how great michael treats her mom she begins to accept it until her breaks up with her at the restaurant when he finds out she just turned 58 which angers pam watch tv shows
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A former fbi agent escapes from a mental hospital and takes people hostage at a travel agency. mulder and krycek take this case after the man claims to be an alien abductee. good episode, though i miss agent scully. not as good without her. watch tv shows
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In this episode the brothers find a young boy that is the product of a possession by a demon and therefore an antichrist child. the brothers want to save the boy, but he should be killed because in the future he will be evil. the boy ends up vanishing in the end with no one knowing where he is watch tv shows
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Sheldon begins to realize that kripkie may be better than he is. he uses amy as an excuse for not being up to par. all kripkie does is ask poor sheldon about his sex life! watching sheldon squirm is worth a watch anytime.
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Frasier decides to go away for his vacation and encourages martin to come along. but martin convinces him to buy a winnebago and together with niles and daphne, go for a tour. they then drive into canada, where-in daphne cannot legally be. 9.5/10
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I am one of the biggest fans of the show. the very first episode was great source of entertainment. each moment in the series is exciting and interesting. i just simply love this show and its beautiful characters. watch tv shows
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Wow! another masterpiece of the show! this is even better than the pilot episode. the best thing about the show is that every character of the show has a unique storyline. oliver is impressive in this particular episode. the installment deserves full marks for this fine work. watch tv shows
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Another good episode overall. herschel is upset with his family dispute so he wants the group to leave. it will surely attract you to some extent but i am looking for some more drama and action. watch tv shows
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