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The gang gets into an intervention kick, holding an intervention for almost everything they can think of. they end up giving an intervention to stop the interventions. watch tv shows
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It is great to see someone pull the wool over sheldon''s eyes. stephani's lets sheldon talk her into examining him. she tells him he has a throat problem and should not talk. got to love her way of thinking.
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Whoa!! that was quite interesting. jane is forced to work with agent hightower. i was waiting for the moment. it was a perfect interlude of the third season.
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Frasier and niles are stuck at their cafe hangout during a thunderstorm and start talking about if they are happy. niles confides that he has feelings for daphne and frasier realises that he's happy with his new life in seattle.
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This was a good episode! i like that stan actually did something nice for francine. it was a good surprise that he thought of it on his own and did it for her!
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Meanwhile it's like meredith and cristina have transformed into a pair of toddlers. they argue about the stupidest things, and i wish they'd just be put in a room together so they can talk it out watch tv shows
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The bombs dropped on two cities atlanta and philadelphia. the death toll is very high. it seems that the patriots are behind this and now they are on us soil once again. watch tv shows
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In the opener ryan is trying to kill his self but isn't very successful at doing so. he finally meets his neighbor jenna and her dog wilfred who only he can hear talk. watch tv shows
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In this episode ross is trying once again to come closer to rachel when he ask rachel to babysit his monkey thing ar going differnt. rachel lose the monkey and a big hunt including animal control, who they later find out that the woman from animal contol is an old classmate from high school. this episido was great! i laughed so hard!
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Bad move ozzy, i do not think you will stay in this game long enough if you do not win any of the remaining challenge. i do hope you know what you are doing. watch tv shows
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A solid episode for the seventh season!! i must say that hannah’s father is a good character, but the bad thing about him is that you can predict that what he is going to do next.
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