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Again, drama. the gang finds it very hard to be friends with both ross and rachel as the two can't seem to stand each other. they end up taking turns to hang out. the group goes out with rachel on a ski trip, but the car runs out of gas. the group wants to call ross for help, but rachel says no. watch tv shows
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George wants to be seen as a bad boy by elaine's coworkers and tries to keep up the appearances with a woman. in the end, everything falls down on the top of his head.
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Winston hijacks a community table at a restaurant when he is unable to gain a reservation. schmidt's game is up when cece and elizabeth both find out that they are dating him. watch tv shows
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Robbie calls kevin and tells him to come to the hospital immediately. kevin thinks it has something to do with eric but it really has to do with lucy. watch tv shows
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Tori organises hollywood arts first prom but it ruins jades art project. this means jade does what she always does, revenge. i liked the scenes with cat in this episode and i wasn't sure whether she was telling the truth or not either. watch tv shows
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Salome and roman are on a hunt, while on the other side, pam is trying to be a good maker for tara. sam gets a sudden visit from an old friend. lots of hilarious things to watch in this episode!
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When seeley booth and dr temperance brennan, better know as bones, team up it is like oil and water. bones helps the fbi identify skeletal remains from the bottom of a lake. booth supplies clues to help catch the criminal. bones confronts a congressman and gets in a heep of trouble over gum.. great first episode.
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Well, that was interesting episode. it was a package of strong and impressive storyline. the brother are back to work on an old case. it was really amazing episode.
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Lilith arrives in town and drops a bombshell, her new husband has left her for another man. frasier seeks niles' help, he finds lilith irresistible when she's vulnerable so he doesn't want to be left alone with her. the next day lilith wakes up and niles is lying next to her. frasier visits at the hotel and catches them at it.
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I think everyone in the world would like the perfect family, but they way this guy goes about doing it just doesn't seem to be working for him. i don't think anyone has the perfect family, but this guy seems to want to try to make one. watch tv shows
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Three days of show is a nice episode of this season. finally, lily is back in the town. on the other side, barney and ted are in a bar, where they are keeping watching at maclaren. i also like carl in this episode.
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