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Not the best episode. but it's all right. it's interesting to see how the luther's affect everyone in smallville. the kents just seem to get stuck in the middle.
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Dean and sam are working in a company with different jobs and are unaware of each other. later their colleagues start dying and they work together to find out what is happening. watch tv shows
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It is awesome to see the mother of dragons maturing. when she releases people from slavery they revere her. i have a feeling she is not going to have a hard time getting the throne. who is going to fight the white walker? watch tv shows
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There are some protests in town because it emerges that gays aren't allowed to be scouts. that being said, there are two boys with disabilities at scouts now, but jimmy and timmy don't like each other very much. they even fight each other once! that was awesome. at the end of this episode timmy managed to get jimmy kicked off scouts for being a gay.
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The simpson children take career aptitude tests at school and the results are that lisa should be a homemaker and bart should be a policeman. lisa announces that she wants to be a jazz musician and bart goes on a ride-along with the local police
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Goku’s training with king kai is finally that was really good. now let us see that how he can reach earth because master roshi forgot that after reviving goku from dragon balls, it will take him some time to reach there. watch tv shows
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The five remaining home cooks have to prepare for pula dean's ranch party. paula dean picks two contestants to go straight to the final four. it was down to the temperature of the protein. watch tv shows
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Khole wants to go to new york but kris is trying to hold her back because she doesn't want to be left alone. so kim, kourtney, and khole rent a monkey named suzie to keep her busy.
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Well, it was an okay start of the season. sookie is trying to keep herself away from bon temps, but i know that this is not going to happen. i enjoyed some moments, which was heart wrenching. watch tv shows
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I love this show. it keeps you in suspense and it keeps you guessing who's on the a team and who's not the more clues they find the more trouble they find themselves in. watch tv shows
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Lucy's costumes in this episode are great. and when ricky is adding how much profit the girls are making and starts crying from the onions is great. overall great episode.
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