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I love how glee club is bringing sue back into the spotlight. she always brings a good sense of humor to the episodes. i wasn't a huge fan of the bieber numbers, but still good. watch tv shows
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Sam is kidnapped by a strange family. the family takes pleasure in hunting humans and collecting them as trophies. dean desperately tries to find his brother.
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Reyes become s comatose after being hit by a car and "wakes" up in a surreal hospital. she tries to wake her self up in real life before her organs are taken. watch tv shows
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Very average episode!! it was shocked that bau has lost one of the team member. when i found that, i thought that the interlude is going to be hilarious but it wasn’t that great. watch tv shows
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The last of season 7 and the first of season 8 are the funniest ever. will farrell is amazing always. and the new ceo is very good. miss the good old boss though. watch tv shows
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In this episode adam cella fought uriah hall. both coaches gave members of their teams some useful pieces of advice and i enjoyed hearing cheal's opinion of what exactly should be your approach to fight. i ecpected hall to dominant in stand up battle but cella show some kickboxing abillities himself. eventualy however uriah knock out cella with spinning high kick less than 10 seconds before the end of round 1. next fight was announced: kevin casey vs kolin hart. althought it's quite early into the show i can certainly say that i don't like bubba from team jones, i hope someone will teach him a lesson. watch tv shows
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Jimmy, an old friend, steals a fire element from a mobster abnormal, and whilst handing it over to the group, the mobster retaliates and attacks and kate gets hurt. she escapes with jimmy and realises that 20 years ago jimmy was the one who killed her father. the mobsters capture will and jimmy offers himself up in exchange for will's release. once captured, jimmy detonates a bomb, killing the mobsters and himself, in penance for killing kate's father.
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After being on the run for so long and his wife gets arrested for trying to get their daughter medicen so c note decided he has to get it himself which gets him aprehended watch tv shows
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A teenage girl is admitted who has been diagnosed as a schizophrenic. however, she’s insisting that isn’t the problem and is getting pretty desperate. there is an older man and woman who recognise each other in the er after years apart. also, it seems everyone’s relationships are up in the air at once, well except meredith and mcdreamy. pretty good episode and alex has proven again what a great doctor he is.
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! waoo mr bean i love, and frankly i'm just not go, i've looked almost all of the series, and i am ready to see again, each time, it is magnefique i love it i spend very pleasant time; frankly bean is wonderful and i recommend to everyone to even it is super super frankly, my friends go there, thank you see you soon
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One of ashely friends kevin thinks will is so cool. ashely agrees. aunt viv thinks that ashely and kevin are so cute together. kevin and ashely kiss. ashely tells will that she needs to know everything he knows about sex.


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