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Season 7 Episode 5
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Season 4 Episode 1
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Season 7 Episode 3
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I really liked this episode. here is your classic doctor-wanting-to-help episodes. no drama, no back-story. and it's just a fun christmas watch. i really enjoyed it.
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Daphne offers to cook a romantic dinner for niles and maris but due to a huge storm, maris can't make it and daphne gets stranded alone with niles. frasier panics and interrupts the two.
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Ann Gandy
I didn't think that i'd ever feel sorry for walowitz, but when leslie broke up with him, he was just so pathetic that you had to feel sorry for him, but leanard and raj take him to las vegas and get him a prostitute, and make him feel much better. it may have not been the safest thing, but it made him feel better, and it shows how much his friends care for him. also, it was funny watching sheldon and penny interacting while waiting for landlord, and penny being the good friend that she is, takes great care of sheldon when the landlord never shows, and it got even more hilarious at the end when leanard thinks for half a second that sheldon slept with penny, but he knows better. watch tv shows
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House! magnefique filmec'est a film i looks all the temp, super me very frankly i liked it, i love the whole series, i advise all the world has even, and of course the entire series and is super , nothing to say, i personally liked it, thank you very much and see you soon watch tv shows
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Very good episode. nice to see sherlock off his game a little bit seeing him more human makes it more interesting. very well written doing the stories justice.
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Gotta admit, this is one great show. i've been back and forth between several different tv shows, but once i found this i didn't stop watching it. if you like adventure want to learn a few tricks, definitely watch this show!
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Ted wants start his own design firm and he does so in his apartment and even hire an assistant which complicate things when robins starts to sleep with said assistant. watch tv shows
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I love seeing our brothers back together. a good season opener for this season. sam was understandably still pissed that dean had used his feelings for amelia to manipulate him, while dean was understandably still pissed that sam refused to trust him about benny. dean admitted he was wrong, but was unwilling to shoulder all of the blame, proving that amelia and benny were both still huge chasms on the winchesters' road to recovery. watch tv shows
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A woman and her are in a car crash which also involves a farmer. sam and dean arrive at the place and learn that the farmer is haunting the highway. they also believe that the girl is dead. watch tv shows
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Great way to end the season!! i most liked the scene, where oscar gets arrested because they think that he is george, while george escaped. that was really entertaining.
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A man is targeting the children! well, that’s pretty interesting. the case is horrific and there are several facts that had surprised me. i just loved the episode. watch tv shows


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