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Plot twist. here we have mention of irene adler. got to love when shows bring in real-life twists. i can't wait to see how they incorporate her. the plot line was also good. watch tv shows
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Henry and pan somehow switch bodies. gold mistakenly puts henry into the box and they travel by ship to storybrooke. pan is now free from neverland. interesting! watch tv shows
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At dinner at tasha's house suzie brings up the chief thing and asked was it really true. the other ladies looked around at each other looking like did suzie really just ask her that. but tasha was cool and answered yes it was. watch tv shows
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Dean jumped into satan's cage in the last season's episode. since then sam has lived with a woman named lisa and her son ben. sam shows up a year later, not knowing how he was released from hell. they spend the episode hunting djinn's together, but separate at the end. sam tells dean to keep in touch. not what i expected. watch tv shows
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The psych duo meet desperaux in prison, he somehow manages to escape with them and steal some valuable art. but after a body is found, his prints are found at the scene.
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The start of the episode is really amazing. a man leaves the building and someone is tracking him. from start to finish, i was enjoying the every single scene.
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Icarly is offered to be bought and made into a tv program from a fan's father who is a tv producer and is interested in children's programs. carly, sam and freddie agree. in the beginning things are great but soon the changes to icarly become disastrous and nothing from the original show remains. finallly carly convinces the producers to give her the rights to the show back since it's no longer icarly. they agree and everything returns to normal watch tv shows
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What a season finally! it all goes down hill and michael unfortunately has to say goodbye to a new friend with whom, under different circumstances, might have been best buddies. he thinks his troubles are gone but apparently there are bigger sharks out there.
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Thumbs up for the man who had made three generations laugh without saying a complete sentence non verbal communication..... simply the bean izza boss!.... watch tv shows
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The man in charge of an adult video company is found dead in the restrooms of a nightclub. meanwhile, castle's concerned about alexis giving out too much information on her video blog. i really think the writers should have backed up castle's point of view better and had alexis come to a better understanding as castle was totally right in his concerns. women have been attacked who've put up too much information about themselves for all to see online and i'm sure they thought they were careful too. i'm not into the environment this episode was centered around so for me, it wasn't very enjoyable. watch tv shows
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Bad episode they just trying to pull crap and drag the season horrible marshell is in a bus and he is tring to put mervin to sleep by telling stories from the past uses up an entire episode


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