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Poor chandler, he just seems to make mistakes wherever he goes. he accidentally tells a child he's adopted when he and monica visit. ross also doesn't take joey and rachel dating too well. watch tv shows
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The 2 brothers argue and part ways so there's 2 storylines. dean comes across a town where the people sacrifice a man and a woman to appease the "scarecrow god". dean and a local girl, emily end up being the intended sacrifice but sam appears at the last minute and saves them. meanwhile whilst sam was on his own, he meets a girl, meg but the 2 have to part ways because sam has to go save his brother. at the end of the episode, it is revealed that meg is not what she seems. she is seen slitting her ride's throat, collecting his blood in a goblet and talking to some supernatural force about dean and sam
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Sheldon shows us what he is able to do: he broke into penny's apartment just to clean it up! insane. also i really started to like penny much more because it emerged how friendly she is.
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Dean and sam find out that garth is in the hospital. it's been 6 months to see him or hear from him, so they were wondering what happened. garth escapes from dean and sam, from the bathroom of the hospital, takes a car and goes away. the two brothers are trying to find out where did he go, and who's the car took with him. they found him and realized that he was living with a werewolf. it turns out that garth is a werewolf too and that girl is his wife. dean is not so convinced that garth's pack is so clean and they don't eat human organs but only animal's. in the end, some of them were really loyal and never touched a human, but some of them tried to kill and eat sam and dean. they made it at the end of the day, the bad guys died and the good guys kept living their lives, good and loyal. watch tv shows
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This episode is real cool as you see how not all of them are really convists, ok t-bag tried his hardest to have love and sucre is just funny robbing a store for 20 dollars and leaving the rest behind but yea
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Amy s new friend of sheldon's is believed to be his girlfriend. penny told sheldon to have a proper date with her so he does but he also take penny with him.
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All the family get together for christmas vacation. while at the ski resort the family gets robbed. it made the family realized how special family is and the real meaning of christmas.
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Ted have to go trough ten, one hour sessions with his dermatologist stella whom he's attracted to. ted meets stella at the movies to only find out its not a date but a friendly group hang with some of her friends.
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Damon and stefan visit new orleans and try to remember the last time they were there. they run into damon's friend named charlotte. elena, bonnie and caroline have a girls night at the salvatore mansion.
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Mulder, doggett and skinner are left fighting alien replicants as they try to expose the conspiracy inside of the fbi. meanwhile, a very pregnant scully goes into labor. watch tv shows
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The show has everything that the viewers expect from it. the interlude is funny and there is great humour that revolves around the various characters. watch tv shows


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