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Grimm: You Don't Know Jack
Season 4 Episode 20
Greys Anatomy: She's Leaving Home
Season 11 Episode 22
Louie: Bobby's House
Season 5 Episode 4
Bones: The Big Beef at the Royal Diner
Season 10 Episode 16
Criminal Minds: Protection
Season 10 Episode 22
The Middle: While You Were Sleeping
Season 6 Episode 22
Arrow: Al Saheem
Season 3 Episode 21
Supernatural: Angel Heart
Season 10 Episode 20
Survivor: Survivor Russian Roulette
Season 30 Episode 11
Nashville: Time Changes Things
Season 3 Episode 20
Conan: Matthew Perry
Season 6 Episode 56
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This episode was a bit interesting, but still good. the boys go and look into a missing body, but find out that it's really a boy trying to keep his dead girlfriend alive by using a ritual. watch tv shows
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Leonard finds out that stephanie have moved in and he tries to say it, but everytime he can't manage to do it. stephanie also gets sheldon to stop talkin that i think is pretty incredible. watch tv shows
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This is amazing! anyone familiar with the traditional story knows sherlock survives the confrontation with moriarty. however, moffat kept us guessing with how sherlock survived his fall. the story takes advantage of this as there's groups of people coming together with their theories of how he survived, just as the audience has been doing. watson's got on with his life and has a special someone. sherlock surprises him with still being alive in a humourous and interesting way. watson doesn't see it quite that way though. aside from this, it's november and someone's trying to pull a guy fawkes and blow up the houses of parliament. watch tv shows
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It's funny how barney loves the team kobra kai and not the daniel haha... he actually routed for the bad guy which i find hilarious. i kind of likes that though. watch tv shows
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Frankie and sue decide to be in the local production of "the wizard of oz". unfortunately sue has crazy eyes and she's asked to leave. sue wants frankie to quit but frankie doesn't want to and sneaks off to rehearsals. sue finds out but allows her mother to continue. frankie, in turn, demands sue be let back into the play. a happy compromise is made, frankie can perform and sue becomes lighting director watch tv shows
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It is very eye opening to see joffrey try to be a knight. he beats up a boy who has a stick. arya takes him on during the fight. her wolf comes to the rescue, but the little snake lies to the king about what happened. both girls lose their wolves, and sansa lies for the prince. arya is an awesome character. watch tv shows
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Wow! that is such a brilliant episode! i loved the case as it is about maniacal ghost. here, sam and dean again succeed to impress audience with their fabulous acting skills. watch tv shows
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This is an awesome episode, there are two great fights in this one. kelvin from team sonnen quickly dispatched colin hart with a tko. also, dylan andrews and luke barnatt engaged in the most entertaining battle so far, with luke being eventually knocked out in the "sudden victory" round. watch tv shows
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Wow... an amazing instalment in the series. good music and good acting and above all interesting plot lines make it a show of the television now-a-days. superb!!
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Great episode! i hate julie as she has accepted the marriage proposal just because of caleb’ wealth. it is embarrassing for seth that summer’s dad has rejected him. i was not expecting from ryan that he convinces theresa to stay with cohens as all things are going well in his life now. it sounds good that jimmy and hailey both are enjoying their relationship. watch tv shows
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The thought that tyler may have cheated on caroline is... well wrong well soon know. hopefully!! but though it may seem caroline in tough i think she may go a little crazy if he did just by the way she was acting towards the girl an she had jus meet her.. to think that could be his cousin or what not! but its not so idk watch tv shows


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