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Season 5 Episode 8
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Season 7 Episode 6
Falling Skies: Door Number Three
Season 4 Episode 6
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A really good start of to the season. i liked how everyone is trying to figure out how to be at a ranch and how cameron is in his element. very funny with mitchell and luke.
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Bernadette becomes upset with howard after he tells sheldon that he would hate working with his significant other. howard stays at raj's house. they start to act like on old married couple. watch tv shows
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Their is a women that appears to be obsessed with tasha and her husband and the other ladies think that she is crazy. tami tells the girls that she got a call from kenya belle and she asked them to come to her performance. after the show the ladies was at kenya's place and she and suzie got into an fight. watch tv shows
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Annie puts on an anti drug play and pierce begs for a bigger role. he is allowed to play the role of drugs. he pulls his usual antics and soon has the crowds chanting "we want drugs!"
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Did not know that crowley had a son named dillion. and his bones are buried in scotland. crowley is also the king of hell now. bobby is going to get his soul back one way or another. i love the episodes with crowley. he is the satan we hate to love.
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I watch desperate housewives when i catch it on television. sometimes it takes me a bit because if you do not completely follow it from the very beginning then you are pretty much lost through it all. watch tv shows
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In my opinion, it was an emotional episode!! a dead body of a sailor is found. i found the scene very funny, where a man is on a date with his girlfriend. apart from that, the case is good!
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Matty dint tell his best buddy that he is jenna’s beau. he even asks jenna about her comfort to go to dance. hmmm... nice and lovely moments shared among the two. watch tv shows
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Michael sets an op for catching anson. meanwhile fi gets to hide and pretend she broke out of prison to get the mi6 off of her back. little brother nate is brought in on this op of michael. it's the last op they run together.
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Everyone steps up to their role, but what i loved was the way emotions were being portrait: worry for the unborn baby, love for the dying teacher, care for the virgin boyfriend, love for the innovative surgeries. feeling are what make actions matter. in the end, this love is what moves everyone to do good.
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Sheldon’s phobia about birds has been revealed. he scares of while leonard and penny are hanging together out which is really amusing and entertaining.


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