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I thought this episode was very funny. i liked how jay was trying to get fit at hawaii. i also enjoyed mitchell and cameron trying to have fun, but losing lily.
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leonard was raised a little different than every one else.. for example christmas was celebrated by writing a paper for his parents and reading it. the gang decides he needs his first birthday party and it really is a surprise..good show.
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This was an awesome episode. the part where chloe walks in on clark in the shower was funny. and the part where oliver and clark were sitting at the table talking about hero duties was awesome.
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Emily is shocked to receive the photo featuring aria and ezra kissing. a’ orders emily to tell news of their affair to ella. wow... i am loving this show indeed.
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King robert was impressive in this particular episode. i really enjoyed his character in this episode. apart from him, other characters were also catchy. watch tv shows
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Vendetta: oliver tries to join forces with helena to make her change her viewing of justice. helena is more bent on revenge than justice and goes to far, almost killing her own father and having her father almost kill her instead. no matter how oliver tried to open up to her, her mind wouldn't change and now they go their separate ways. but be sure that these two will meat each other again. meanwhile, after walter decides to stop digging into moira's past, his it genius ms. smoak comes across the mysterious symbol we have seen in the previous episodes. at first walter scolds at her for doing an unauthorized dig but later walter decides to keep digging anyway and finds the note book with the mysterious list of names, just like the one oliver got from his father, hidden in moira's room.. watch tv shows
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Theres a bridal shower for phyllis wedding and michael wants strippers but jim calls a inspirational speaker instead. michael ends up thinking ben franklin is the stripper. watch tv shows
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I was so excited for this show and i was not disappointed. what a great episode! i laughed so hard so many times. this show really does just get better each and every season. watch tv shows
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After his and zoey break up ted is having second thoughts about the whole goliath national bank project and usually when ted have a freak outs he usually turns dating an old girlfriend
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When cole barker escapes fulcrum with new information, sarah and casey go looking for a man that seems to be behind fulcrum's plans to build its own intersect, forcibly leaving chuck and barker in a safety bunker, as fulcrum is still looking for them. 9.5/10 watch tv shows
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After second season of the show, i was eagerly waiting for the third season. i liked both the previous season, and the start that the show has given is relaxing me. i hope all the episodes will be entertaining like the previous seasons.


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