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This episode is very interesting. it's odd to see pheobe dating her sister's ex. hopefully that works out. rachel is looking into new apartments to live in, but can't seem to find any.
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Susan goes to england and hangs out with emily, much to ross' horror. phoebe is given the honour of naming one of the babies and she chooses chandler. rachel goes away with joshua to his parents' hokiday house and they walk in on her whilst she's trying to seduce their son wearing a sexy negligee
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Jerome's and elena's uncle named john gilbert makes a surprise visit. damon tries to find a reason for his return. stefan becomes confused and behaves irrationally.
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The episode is an absolute fun. i was even waiting for the results as if it was mine. i am very happy my favorite interns are through. but feeling bad for george and meredith’s sister as they will have to take the training again.
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Emma is very grateful to hook for saving her father's life. he asks for a kiss and after some teasing she kisses him passionately. he asks for another and emma tells him it was just a one time thing. watch tv shows
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Rick is stuck at the farm to give blood to carl who is in great pain while being operated on without any proper medical equipment while this is going on shane and otis are trying to find what the dr needs to save carls life watch tv shows
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Season finale was very good. i am interested to see what happens next. sam and deeks were both caught by sidorov. deeks is then tortured. kensi and callen must find them before it is too late.
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Betty white is the new anthropology teacher. jeff and britta have a fake relationship showdown so that they can gain the upper hand on each other. shirley lets it out of the bag that they slept together.
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I always find it sad when the episodes are about children. this one is a six year old named charlie who has been missing a long time. as brennan investigates, she finds charlie was also sexually assaulted. shame
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In this episode, a prominent doctor finds his father in law dead and agent mulder thinks it has something to do with hexacraft. a very good episode. i love agent mulder :)
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It was nice to watch two doctors and amy are trying to unleash the story behind. there was high action, drama and sci-fi moments that entice the viewers. watch tv shows

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Friday 24/Oct/2014
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Haven - (S5E7)
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Hawaii Five-0 - (S5E5)
Ho'oilina (Legacy)
Thursday 23/Oct/2014
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Project Runway - (S13E14)
Finale, Part 2
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Scandal - (S4E5)
The Key
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Bend and Break
Wednesday 22/Oct/2014
watch The League
The League - (S6E8)
Man Land
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Episode 5
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Criminal Minds - (S10E4)
The Itch
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The Middle - (S6E4)
The Table
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Pornstar's Requiem
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Arrow - (S3E3)
Corto Maltese
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Survivor - (S29E5)
Blood is Blood
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American Horror Story - (S4E3)
Edward Mordrake (1)
Tuesday 21/Oct/2014
watch Conan
Conan - (S5E151)
Dana Carvey, Cristin...
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The Ellen DeGeneres Show - (S12E32)
Kat Dennings, Jaeden...
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Pretty Little Liars - (S5E1)
We Love You to DeAth...
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Awkward - (S4E16)
Hashtag Drama
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Bad Girls Club - (S13E3)
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NCIS - (S12E5)
The San Dominick
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Sons Of Anarchy - (S7E7)
Monday 20/Oct/2014
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Conan - (S5E150)
Alan Cumming, Casey...
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Lena Dunham, Melissa...
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The Battles, Part 3
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The Expedition Approximation
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NCIS: Los Angeles - (S6E4)
The 3rd Choir
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Castle - (S7E4)
Child's Play
Sunday 19/Oct/2014
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The Only Way Is Essex - (S13E4)
Episode 4
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Downton Abbey - (S5E5)
Episode 5
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The Walking Dead - (S5E2)
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Revenge - (S4E4)
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Homeland - (S4E4)
Iron in the Fire
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The Simpsons - (S26E4)
Treehouse of Horror XXV
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Once Upon a Time - (S4E4)
The Apprentice
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CSI - (S15E4)
The Book of Shadows
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The Good Wife - (S6E5)
Shiny Objects
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Family Guy - (S13E3)
Baking Bad
Saturday 18/Oct/2014
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Cops - (S27E13)
You'll Shoot Your Eye Out
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Doctor Who - (S8E9)
watch The X Factor
The X Factor - (S11E17)
Elimination - 2
Friday 17/Oct/2014
watch Last Man Standing
Last Man Standing - (S4E4)
watch Americas Next Top Model
Americas Next Top Model - (S21E9)
The Guy Who Wows Betsey...
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The Amazing Race - (S25E4)
Thinly Sliced Anchovies:...
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Pawn Stars - (S8E97)
Smarty Pants
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20-20 - (S37E4)
Episode 4
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Haven - (S5E6)
The Old Switcheroo (2)
watch The Ellen DeGeneres Show
The Ellen DeGeneres Show - (S12E30)
Channing Tatum, Zoe...
watch Hawaii Five-0
Hawaii Five-0 - (S5E4)
Ka Noe'au (The Painter)
Thursday 16/Oct/2014
watch Scandal
Scandal - (S4E4)
The Bleep
watch Greys Anatomy
Greys Anatomy - (S11E4)
Only Mama Knows