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I always love the episodes where we get to see christopher reeves. i love how he has become a part of the show and continues to be involved with superman. watch tv shows
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Mel's cousin, emily, comes to town for her lesbian wedding and mel decides to throw the wedding to make up for things of the past. the other bride, bianca, turns out to be a floozy though, she first hits on joe, then melissa so mel dcides that the wedding should be cancelled watch tv shows
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Kourtney suggest that they should go on a sister trip before the baby comes. they decide to go to santa barbra. while they were there kourtney gets annoyed with kim and khole and they end up leaving. watch tv shows
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Dexter is trying to help debra to see what he does is for the good. its interesting to see how dexter's character has evolved over the course of the series.
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I love the intro to this show, still not sure how much i will be watching it, but they did a great job on getting it started. the actors seem really into it as well, which is a good thing, i would think it is at least. watch tv shows
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A spinoff from the popular stargate scifi series set in an entire different part of the universe on the spaceship of atlantis. the wraith have to be the scariest enemies i have seen in a long time. the first season is very creepy and pulse pounding. i loved it! overall a fantastic way to expand the stargate franchise.
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It was disaster! the worst episode of the entire show! this is not we fans want from the writers. it disappoints me. i was feeling bored throughout the interlude.
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This one was one of my favorite shows of all time.i really liked the fbi guy that they used in this one.i wish they would not have killed him so quick,i could have seen him as a regular character. watch tv shows
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This episode is again one of the bests i witnessed after a long time. it is full of drama and fights. i feel bad for chief who has taken retirement to spend more and more time with his wife but she is dating another man. i am also excited to see who will take chief’s position after he quits his job.
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Sheldon even goes as far as to compare having to go there to being in slavery even though it's really not the same thing as someone points out
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Wilson is thoroughly amused when all the camden's call him to find out why mary has suddenly returned home but he refuses to tell leaving it up to mary. watch tv shows

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Thursday 27/Nov/2014
watch Two And A Half Men
Two And A Half Men - (S12E5)
Oontz Oontz Oontz
watch Elementary
Elementary - (S3E5)
Rip Off
Wednesday 26/Nov/2014
watch Survivor
Survivor - (S29E10)
This Is Where We Build Trust
watch Hells Kitchen
Hells Kitchen - (S13E11)
8 Chefs Compete
watch Criminal Minds
Criminal Minds - (S10E9)
watch The Ultimate Fighter
The Ultimate Fighter - (S20E10)
Fighting for Themselves
Tuesday 25/Nov/2014
watch Bad Girls Club
Bad Girls Club - (S13E8)
Mama Drama
watch Phineas And Ferb
Phineas And Ferb - (S5E16)
Tales from the Resistance
watch NCIS
NCIS - (S12E9)
watch Chicago Fire
Chicago Fire - (S3E9)
Arrest In Transit
watch The Mindy Project
The Mindy Project - (S3E9)
How To Lose a Mom in Ten...
watch New Girl
New Girl - (S4E9)
Thanksgiving IV
watch Awkward
Awkward - (S4E21)
Sprang Break, Part 2
watch Supernatural
Supernatural - (S10E7)
Girls, Girls, Girls
Monday 24/Nov/2014
watch Dancing With The Stars
Dancing With The Stars - (S19E13)
Week #10 (The Results from...
watch 2 Broke Girls
2 Broke Girls - (S4E5)
And the Brand Job
watch Made in Chelsea
Made in Chelsea - (S8E7)
Episode 7
watch NCIS: Los Angeles
NCIS: Los Angeles - (S6E9)
watch Castle
Castle - (S7E8)
Kill Switch
Sunday 23/Nov/2014
watch The Good Wife
The Good Wife - (S6E10)
The Trial
watch Heartland
Heartland - (S8E8)
The Family Tree
watch A Haunting
A Haunting - (S7E7)
Child's Play
watch Homeland
Homeland - (S4E9)
There's Something Else...
watch The Walking Dead
The Walking Dead - (S5E7)
watch The Simpsons
The Simpsons - (S26E8)
watch CSI
CSI - (S15E7)
Road to Recovery
Saturday 22/Nov/2014
watch Saturday Night Live
Saturday Night Live - (S40E7)
Cameron Diaz-Bruno Mars &...
watch Cops
Cops - (S27E18)
Facebook Fury
Friday 21/Nov/2014
watch Americas Next Top Model
Americas Next Top Model - (S21E14)
The Guy With Moves Like...
watch Last Man Standing
Last Man Standing - (S4E9)
Changing Light Bulbs
watch The Amazing Race
The Amazing Race - (S25E8)
Hot Sexy Knights
watch Hawaii Five-0
Hawaii Five-0 - (S5E8)
Ka Hana Malu (Inside Job)
watch Grimm
Grimm - (S4E5)
Cry Luison
watch Haven
Haven - (S5E11)
Thursday 20/Nov/2014
watch Bones
Bones - (S10E8)
The Puzzler in the Pit
watch White Collar
White Collar - (S6E3)
Uncontrolled Variables
watch Greys Anatomy
Greys Anatomy - (S11E8)
watch The Big Bang Theory
The Big Bang Theory - (S8E10)
The Champagne Reflection
watch Elementary
Elementary - (S3E4)
watch Covert Affairs
Covert Affairs - (S5E13)
She Believes
watch The Vampire Diaries
The Vampire Diaries - (S6E8)
Fade Into You
watch The Real Housewives of New Jersey
The Real Housewives of New Jersey - (S6E19)
Secrets Revealed Part 2
watch Two And A Half Men
Two And A Half Men - (S12E4)
Thirty-Eight, Sixty-Two,...
watch Scandal
Scandal - (S4E9)
Where the Sun Don't Shine
Wednesday 19/Nov/2014
watch The League
The League - (S6E13)
The Beach House
watch The League
The League - (S6E12)
Menage a Cinq
watch South Park
South Park - (S18E8)
Cock Magic
watch The Ellen DeGeneres Show
The Ellen DeGeneres Show - (S12E53)
Robin Roberts, Dave Grohl,...
watch Republic of Doyle
Republic of Doyle - (S6E6)
The Pint
watch Criminal Minds
Criminal Minds - (S10E8)
The Boys of Sudworth Place
watch Survivor
Survivor - (S29E9)
Gettin' to Crunch Time
watch Nashville
Nashville - (S3E8)
You're Lookin' at Country
watch Modern Family
Modern Family - (S6E8)
Three Turkeys
watch American Horror Story
American Horror Story - (S4E7)
Test of Strength
watch The Middle
The Middle - (S6E7)
Thanksgiving VI
watch Law & Order Special Victims Unit
Law & Order Special Victims Unit - (S16E8)
Spousal Privilege
watch Arrow
Arrow - (S3E7)
Draw Back Your Bow