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I enjoyed this christmas episode. it's fun to see blaine and kurt singing together, they work very well. sue also brought the comedy as the grinch. a very put together episode.
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Zoe confronts lavon about the picture and he tells her everything that happened between lemon and him. he swears her to secrecy. zoe feels bad for her friend and the fact that he still cares for lemon. watch tv shows
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The episode begins with the death of a young man. eugene. he starts narrating his story and his fascination with torchwood. he begins to follow gwen around and she sees him and helps him
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It opens up with a small hunting party and only one survives. next we meet ned stark king of winer fell. he is beheading the survivor of,the hunt. we meet his sons and while on the trip back to the castle they collect a litter of dire wolves, one for,each child.
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Damon and stefan get into a big fight on who can protect elena better. tyler comes back to town. elena and stefan spend spend time together thinking they may never see each other again.
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It seems that the show is improving with every passing episode. the friendship between liam and adrianna is the highlight of the show and both of them are fabulous here. watch tv shows
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Leonard is desperate to meet a new girl because he found out that most of his friends are in a relationship. he decided to ask bernadette to introduce him to some of her friends. bad choice... his date turn out to be a disaster! meanwhile, amy asks sheldon to meet her mother. since he always denies to be called amy's boyfriend, at first it frightened him, but he changed his mind when he got to know that it's only for the sake of an agreement she has with her mother.
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Well they just blew up damn near the entire cast all at once didn't they?this show is never got too give that to them. carrie is so stupid, brodie must have laid some serious sex on her to get her that wrapped up.
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Callen and sam have been partners for five years and are reminiscing. meanwhile, a package from the state department is missing in a van hijack and the team investigates to find out what happened to it.
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In one hand i love the show but the end was terrible for such a show that was so popular. i wish wouldn't end. on the other hand convenience end but complicated for some users. brilliant thought, shows that till the end friendship matters above all.
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Besides their big disagreement on tearing down the landmark the arcadian hotel other than that ted and zoey relationship is running on all cylinders. watch tv shows

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Sunday 23/Nov/2014
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The Good Wife - (S6E10)
The Trial
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Heartland - (S8E8)
The Family Tree
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Homeland - (S4E9)
There's Something Else...
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The Simpsons - (S26E8)
watch CSI
CSI - (S15E7)
Road to Recovery
Saturday 22/Nov/2014
watch Cops
Cops - (S27E18)
Facebook Fury
Friday 21/Nov/2014
watch Americas Next Top Model
Americas Next Top Model - (S21E14)
The Guy With Moves Like...
watch Last Man Standing
Last Man Standing - (S4E9)
Changing Light Bulbs
watch The Amazing Race
The Amazing Race - (S25E8)
Hot Sexy Knights
watch Hawaii Five-0
Hawaii Five-0 - (S5E8)
Ka Hana Malu (Inside Job)
watch Grimm
Grimm - (S4E5)
Cry Luison
watch Haven
Haven - (S5E11)
Thursday 20/Nov/2014
watch Bones
Bones - (S10E8)
The Puzzler in the Pit
watch White Collar
White Collar - (S6E3)
Uncontrolled Variables
watch Greys Anatomy
Greys Anatomy - (S11E8)
watch The Big Bang Theory
The Big Bang Theory - (S8E10)
The Champagne Reflection
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Elementary - (S3E4)
watch Covert Affairs
Covert Affairs - (S5E13)
She Believes
watch The Vampire Diaries
The Vampire Diaries - (S6E8)
Fade Into You
watch Parenthood
Parenthood - (S6E9)
Lean In
watch Two And A Half Men
Two And A Half Men - (S12E4)
Thirty-Eight, Sixty-Two,...
watch Scandal
Scandal - (S4E9)
Where the Sun Don't Shine
Wednesday 19/Nov/2014
watch The League
The League - (S6E12)
Menage a Cinq
watch South Park
South Park - (S18E8)
Cock Magic
watch Republic of Doyle
Republic of Doyle - (S6E6)
The Pint
watch Criminal Minds
Criminal Minds - (S10E8)
The Boys of Sudworth Place
watch Survivor
Survivor - (S29E9)
Gettin' to Crunch Time
watch Nashville
Nashville - (S3E8)
You're Lookin' at Country
watch Modern Family
Modern Family - (S6E8)
Three Turkeys
watch American Horror Story
American Horror Story - (S4E7)
Test of Strength
watch The Middle
The Middle - (S6E7)
Thanksgiving VI
watch Law & Order Special Victims Unit
Law & Order Special Victims Unit - (S16E8)
Spousal Privilege
watch Arrow
Arrow - (S3E7)
Draw Back Your Bow
Tuesday 18/Nov/2014
watch Awkward
Awkward - (S4E20)
Sprang Break Part 1
watch New Girl
New Girl - (S4E8)
watch The Mindy Project
The Mindy Project - (S3E8)
Diary of a Mad Indian Woman
watch NCIS
NCIS - (S12E8)
Semper Fortis
watch Supernatural
Supernatural - (S10E6)
Ask Jeeves
watch Chicago Fire
Chicago Fire - (S3E8)
watch Sons Of Anarchy
Sons Of Anarchy - (S7E11)
Suits of Woe
watch Conan
Conan - (S5E167)
Hilary Swank, Jimmy Pardo,...
Monday 17/Nov/2014
watch Dancing With The Stars
Dancing With The Stars - (S19E12)
Week #9 (The Results from...
watch American Dad
American Dad - (S11E5)
Now and Gwen
watch Castle
Castle - (S7E7)
Once Upon a Time in the West
watch Made in Chelsea
Made in Chelsea - (S8E6)
Episode 6
watch 2 Broke Girls
2 Broke Girls - (S4E1)
And the Old Bike Yarn
watch NCIS: Los Angeles
NCIS: Los Angeles - (S6E8)
The Grey Man
Sunday 16/Nov/2014
watch The Good Wife
The Good Wife - (S6E9)
Sticky Content
watch Once Upon a Time
Once Upon a Time - (S4E9)
Smash the Mirror (2)
watch The Walking Dead
The Walking Dead - (S5E6)