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Show Premierd: 2006-10-01
ratingRATING: (9.1)
Airs: Showtime
Dexter, an American TV drama series, revolves around Dexter Morgan, a forensic expert by day and a serial killer by night. However, he is not just your average serial killer as he murders only those people who fit into a ‘moral code’ accurately, taught to him by Harry, a Miami police officer who had adopted him at the age of three when his mother was murdered turning him into an orphan. There are three aspects to the code – (1) his victims must be murderers themselves who have murdered people without a valid reason and may do so in future too; (2) he must ensure that the target is really guilty and (3) he should never get caught. Dexter is taught the art of faking normal social behavior and human emotion and covering his tracks after killing someone by Harry, which is shown through flashbacks all through the series. Watch Dexter online to see how he slices the cheeks of his victims with a scalpel in order to collect their blood which is then stored in a wooden box hidden inside his air conditioner. The first season of the show, which made its debut on 1st October, 2006 on Showtime, was chiefly based on Darkly Dreaming Dexter, the first novel of the series by Jeff Lindsay. Ever since the first telecast, it has enjoyed immense popularity and wide critical acclaim. The title role is played by Michael C. Hall who received a nomination at the 64 th Golden Globe Awards for his portrayal of the serial killer with a difference. If you love thrill and excitement, you have an added reason to watch Dexter online because it promises dollops of it. Watch how his attachment to Rita, Cody, Astor and Debra brings complications in his double life, compelling him to question his necessity to kill.
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