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Watch Stargate SG1 online
Show Premierd: 1997-07-27
ratingRATING: (9.0)
Airs: Syfy
Stargate SG1 is based on Hollywood movie that is Stargate Chronicle. Many new and adventurous things took place in Stargate SG1. In this series, O'Neill is subsequently authorized to lead a team back to Abydos to find Jackson and determine what the aliens may be up to. Joining his team is Capt. Samantha 'Sam' Carter, an astrophysicist. They locate Jackson and learn that no one has used their gate but he also shows them a vast library leading to the conclusion that there are many gates scattered throughout the galaxy and perhaps beyond. They too are soon attacked by the Goa'uld with Jackson's wife Sha're and the young Skaara taken prisoner.
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