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Watch The Vampire Diaries online
Show Premierd: 2009-09-10
ratingRATING: (8.4)
Airs: Thursday at 20.00 on The CW
The Vampire Diaries is based on a novel series penned by L.J. Smith where viewers are given insight into the diary of 17-year old Elena Gilbert. Elena and her 15-year-old brother, Jeremy, live with their Aunt Jenna. Elena seeks comfort from her familiar social circle best friend Bonnie, frenemy Caroline Forbes, and former boyfriend Matt Donovan. At Mystic Falls High, Elena and her friends become fixated by a mysterious new student, Stefan Salvatore. Stefan and Damon are vampire brothers one good, one evil at war for Elena's soul. Its original run is from September 10, 2009 and it continues to air episodes from its ongoing third season.
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